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Keyword Research

Any good SEO campaign starts with competitive keyword research and analysis. With a list of the most appropriate keywords, our professional keyword research experts ensure that your website is visible on search engines that matter to your business.

With our rigorous SEO keyword research and analysis services, we have helped countless Online business and Ecommerce clients reach top results. We have experience with a number of keyword research tools that can assist you in determining the most successful keywords for your website’s organic rankings.

Is keyword research merely a matter of selecting the appropriate keywords? Yes, as well as a lot more. To begin, you must comprehend what the proper keywords for your website entail. Long-tail keyword recommendations, location-based keywords, sales-based keywords, information-based keywords, and so on are all included.


our professional keyword research experts ensure that your website is visible on search engines that matter to your business

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We begin by analysing your competitors’ keywords before moving on to complete keyword research, which includes identifying low competition and high traffic opportunities. In addition, our team of keyword research consultants examines competition content to determine keyword density. After that, we’ll give your entire website a quality rating.

We offer a report with an actionable plan that can be implemented for a successful SEO campaign at the conclusion of the research. A good keyword research work for your company can be completed by Social Marketing professionals with experience, expertise, a focus on your target market, and a thorough understanding of your business. With our Keyword Research, you can lay a solid foundation for your SEO campaign.

Hanu IT Solutions’ competitive Keyword analysis SEO analysis helps you understand your client’s target audience and provides SEO relevant keywords or an idea of what they search for on search engines.

This method may be time demanding in the beginning, but it will pay off generously in the long term. Because our professionals have extensive experience and proven expertise in keyword selection, you will undoubtedly see a large percentage of visits convert into buyers

Our ability to locate, refine, and organise the right keywords into manageable, strong lists allows you to reach a wider audience. This will eventually lead to additional leads for your company.

Keyword research reveals what topics people are interested in and, provided you use the correct SEO tool, how popular those topics are with your target audience.