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Website Development Services for GED Certification

GED Certification Website Development Services

Are you a GED certification and looking for a website development company to build a GED certification website for your practice? Hanu IT Solutions has great experience in developing a website for GED certification worldwide. Contact us today for best GED certification website development at very affordable prices.

Why Should You Invest in GED Certification Website?

Investing in a GED (General Educational Development) certification website can be a rewarding and impactful decision for several reasons.
Many individuals did not complete high school for various reasons and need an alternative to advance their education and career prospects.GED certification opens doors to better job opportunities and higher earning potential, creating a consistent demand for GED preparation and certification services.

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How Much Does a GED Certification Website Cost?

GED Certification website Development cost depends on the website features you need on your GED certification website. Here we are mentioning the GED certification website requirements you may need to build a GED certification website for your GED Certification.

GED Certification Website Development Essentials, and Cost:


Hosting is also known as the server where all the website files will be saved. There are many hosting companies offering low to high hosting plans that you can select as per your website development company suggestions


Domain is the online address visitors can type to open your website. There are many other extensions like .in, .co.in, .org etc. There is not any fixed cost for the domain as it depends on the quality and availability of a domain.

Templates/CMS (Content Management System)

There are some languages being used to build websites. We call them CMS and here are a few popular CMS you can use to build a dentist website in 2020. WordPress, HTML, PHP, Weebly, Wix
Note: If you want any premium templates then it may cost you extra.

HTTPS or SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) offers security to your website. It’s a good feature to make your website more secure than insecure sites. It can cost you extra and increase the cost of building a website for a dentist. There are many free SSL certificate providers but if you want a premium SSL certificate installed on your dental website then it may cost you 2K or 4K or more.

Web Content & Graphics

If you are building a website for a dental clinic then the content is one of the most important factor you should focus on. It’s a healthcare related business so you need help of professional content writing agency to write high quality and informative contents for your dental website to help users fine the perfect information they need.

Professional Web Developer

Building a website is easy these days but when you need a top-quality website for your dental business, then you need the help of a professional web development company to help you build a dental website as per the industry standards. Every web development agency has its own website pricing.

Websites We Have Developed

Frequently Asked Questions About GED Certification Website Development

It depends on website functions but if you want a basic information website then it may take 3 to 5 days to build a fully functional website depending on terms and conditions.

If you decide to hire us then you have to pay 50% advance to get the project started.

When you hire us to build website for your dental clinic then we create website on our local server and provide you a link where you can check the progress.

We create SEO friendly websites but getting ranking is totally different. If you want to rank your website on first page in search engines then you have to invest in monthly SEO services and that is not included in website development project.

If you have paid us the 50% required amount to get started and our team has started the work then we can deduct the work done amount from the amount you paid and refund the remaining amount in 1 week.

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